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New vehicles more complicated, but more reliable

QUESTION: Regarding the new 10-speed Ford transmission, would these be repairable or throwaway products given the mechanics of these units? I have never had to have an automatic transmission repaired …

The Toyota Prius has been an industry leader for more than 15 years

The vehicle that made green driving cool

Almost all the automotive manufacturers offer hybrid models in their vehicle lineup, but if you say hybrid to many drivers, they often think of the Toyota Prius first, helped possibly …

A slew of features separates this beast of a truck from the pack

The Raptor's mighty roar

Ford’s redesigned 2017 Raptor has already won numerous awards — and its aggressive appearance certainly attacts attention — but it is what is "beneath the shine" that really puts the …

Willy’s Garage

with Paul Williamson

Motorsports hall of fame welcomes three new members

Motorsports hall of fame welcomes three new members

Since 2006, three new members are inducted into the Manitoba Motorsports Hall of Fame every year when Piston Ring’s World of Wheels car show hits town. Inductees are recognized for their …

Experience heaven on wheels

Experience heaven on wheels

43rd annual World of Wheels car show comes to RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre

If you’re a fan of all things automotive, the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre is the place to be this weekend for Piston Ring’s 43rd annual World of Wheels car show. According …

Winning innovations improve performance

Styling attracts us to vehicles, but it is the technology they possess that keeps us comfortable, safe and happy. Each year, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada members choose the …

Classic Cruising

with Larry D’Argis

You can't go wrong with a 1930s Ford

You can't go wrong with a 1930s Ford

BY the late 1930s, Ford held the lion’s share of the low-price market. The size, style and performance it offered translated into good sales figures despite the Depression era it …

It's fast, loud and proud

It's fast, loud and proud

Muscle car aficionado couldn't pass up chance to rebuild 1969 Charger

THE Dodge Charger has been with us since 1966 and through the decades we’ve seen the car’s popularity on a steady increase with both collectors and enthusiasts. Immortalized in film, it’s …

Wild horses couldn't drag him away

Wild horses couldn't drag him away

Dugald man finds beauty in 1968 Mustang pulled apart and rebuilt from scratch

The Ford Mustang received its first significant restyle in 1967. The car launched in mid-1964 and the upgraded design maintained a close following to its original theme. Available as a …