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The snowy season can be rough on vehicles, so it's best to have them in great shape before it gets too cold

Daylight hours are getting shorter, the harvest is well underway and the night air is getting cooler. While we hope winter waits a while, and I, optimistically, am sure it …

QUESTION: I was wondering what your thoughts were on ABS brakes when driving on icy roads? I live in a town with several streets on steep hills and when trying …

Improve performance, fuel economy by getting rid of engine knock

Question: Recently, I had a discussion with another Buick owner. I have a 2008 Buick Allure Super and the other party has a 2010 Buick Lucerne Super. Both have the …

Willy’s Garage

with Paul Williamson

Second chance

After an accident left his rebuilt 1955 GMC truck as a write-off, Jean-Marc Lacasse went back to the drawing board

For 1955, GMC and Chevrolet had planned to introduce an entirely new truck. Confronted with delays and problems, there was no way to get all of the product revisions completed …

It's time to put old prejudices to rest

Manitobans should be careful not to paint all American hunters with the same brush

With the World Cup of Hockey set to begin, we Canadians are about to undertake one of our favourite pastimes — hating on Americans.That’s all in good fun when it …

The Toyota that isn't really a Toyota

The Yaris Sedan has the parts -- and the feel -- of a Mazda

One of the most common automotive journalist complaints is that carmakers, eager to impress, offer out models loaded to the nines. Lost in the leather, dual-zone climate control, heads-up display …

Classic Cruising

with Larry D’Argis

Tangerine Dream stands out in a crowd

Larry D'Argis takes a closer look at a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia that blends Beetle chassis with Italian style

Introduced in 1955 as a 1956 model, the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia blended the legendary chassis and mechanical components of the Beetle with a stylish, Italian-designed 2+2 coupe. Manufactured by Karmann, …

A fantastic flashback to the '50s

Flashback weekend a hit, raising thousands of dollars for charity

The 22nd annual Fabulous 50’s Ford Club of Manitoba’s Flashback Weekend went off without a hitch.The Sock Hop Social on Friday drew a crowd of more than 400 to the …

Life in the Fairlane

In the '50s, Ford restyled its vehicles and introduced a smashing success

In 1955, Ford fully restyled its models, but continued to offer buyers ball-joint front suspension and its new Y-Block overhead-valve V-8 engine. A new model line-up — the Fairlane — …