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What was once a simple mechanism to turn our wheels has become much more sophisticate

Electric power steering assist now dominates the market instead of the belt-driven hydraulic power steering. Infiniti even has a car where each front wheel can steer independently to assist the …

Do you change your oil too often?

QUESTION: I keep hearing that synthetic oil is better and lasts longer than regular oil. If this is so, why does the manufacturer of my vehicle require an oil change …

Question: I would like your opinion on additives such as injector cleaners, oil enhancers, etc., under brand names such as Duralube or Lucas as examples. Do they actually work? Are …

Willy’s Garage

with Paul Williamson

Second chance

Second chance

After an accident left his rebuilt 1955 GMC truck as a write-off, Jean-Marc Lacasse went back to the drawing board

For 1955, GMC and Chevrolet had planned to introduce an entirely new truck. Confronted with delays and problems, there was no way to get all of the product revisions completed …

It's time to put old prejudices to rest

Manitobans should be careful not to paint all American hunters with the same brush

With the World Cup of Hockey set to begin, we Canadians are about to undertake one of our favourite pastimes — hating on Americans.That’s all in good fun when it …

The Toyota that isn't really a Toyota

The Yaris Sedan has the parts -- and the feel -- of a Mazda

One of the most common automotive journalist complaints is that carmakers, eager to impress, offer out models loaded to the nines. Lost in the leather, dual-zone climate control, heads-up display …

Classic Cruising

with Larry D’Argis

Nine-year restoration well worth the effort

Nine-year restoration well worth the effort

1948 Ford F-47 Panel truck retrieved from half-foot of mud

Following the Second World War, getting North America moving was a priority and Ford hit the ground running with its new 1948 Ford F-1 and Canadian F-47 truck line. Completely …

A cool and collectible car

A cool and collectible car

A look back at the evolution of the Dodge Charger

The 50th anniversary of the Dodge Charger is this year and so today we will take a look at the second generation Charger built from 1968 to 1970.Totally redesigned for …

What's Olds is new again

What's Olds is new again

Restored classic is a bona fide beauty

Entrepreneur Ransom Eli Olds began producing automobiles in Lansing, Mich. in 1897. While some of his designs were questionable, he struck success in 1901 with a simple single-cylinder runabout, the …