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  • Lincoln’s version of Ford Edge more elegant
    The edge of greatness

    PERHAPS it’s just an illusion, but having recently driven the Ford Edge, I can’t help but think the Lincoln MKX has a smoother ride. Maybe it’s slightly different suspension tuning, since a glance at the specs of the 2015 Edge and 2016 MKX reveals these vehicular cousins have the same suspensions: …

    January 22, 2016

  • Return of the hot-rod Lincoln

    BACK in 2007, when the first Lincoln MKX hit the streets, I seriously considered packing up all my worldly belongings and heading to Detroit: My goal was simple, to prove to then Ford global vice-president of design J Mays that even a ham-fisted buffoon like me could surely do a …

    January 22, 2016

  • Mazda's new CX-3 efficient, fun and sporty
    Bright future

    There's a new crop of pint-sized crossovers changing the shape of the new car market. Generally finding roots in subcompact economy cars, these entry-level cute-utes combine the elevated seating position and available all-wheel-drive of a crossover with the efficiency and tidy size of a small hatchback. Pricing starts in the …

    January 15, 2016

  • New HR-V welcome addition to the Honda family

    WHEN the first-generation Honda CR-V hit the North American market in 1997 it was a gamechanger. Just the right size, great on fuel, moderately comfortable and affordable for the masses — the CR-V carried on where the Honda Civic station wagon left off. Young outdoor enthusiasts appreciated its utility, parents …

    December 11, 2015

  • Second-generation Volt drives like a regular car
    Current affair

    The hybridization of the automobile is a fait accompli. Without some form of electrification, meeting the ever-tightening Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations will become all but impossible. The second-generation Chevrolet Volt hints at where future cars must go to meet these stringent changes. In this case, the Volt pushes …

    December 4, 2015

  • Of the dozens of cars I have the opportunity to drive each year, one usually stands apart from the rest as being most memorable. Last year it was the Jaguar F-Type V-6 S. And even though we are a month from the end of this calendar year, my fearless prediction …

    November 20, 2015

  • Successor to GLK brings panache, performance
    Crossover to luxury

    ATLANTA -- In 1993, a 35-year-old rocker from Minnesota changed his name from a mononym to an unpronounceable symbol, making him the Artist Formerly Known As Prince. In 2015, in an effort to bring order to what was, apparently, chaos, Mercedes-Benz is changing the name of some of its SUVs, giving …

    November 13, 2015

  • Ford Escape still one to beat in crossover market
    Most valuable player

    The third generation Ford Escape crossover, now in its fourth year, is a bit of a sales anomaly: Despite it being a "mature" product in a saturated market, where the newest and shiniest usually get the attention and the sales volume, the compact-sized Escape remains the king of the hill. Though …

    October 30, 2015

  • Redesigned Optima a refined, drama-free family sedan loaded with features
    Style to spare

    ASPEN, Colo. -- "Lots of 'rich people rules' around here," my passenger said, noting the abundance of thou-shalt-nots posted around the town. Postcard quaint and reeking of casually affected affluence, the resort town of Aspen is home to more than 50 billionaires. It's hard to imagine "gonzo journalism" founder Hunter S. …

    October 30, 2015

  • Smart ED an electrifying automotive home run
    Battery up!

    When the Smart Fortwo was launched, it quickly became the biggest thing in small. I won't say I hated it, but my feelings for it were certainly leaning toward that end of the emotional spectrum. The combination of the gas motor and sequential gearbox meant if you didn't switch to manual …

    October 23, 2015