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Motorsports hall of fame welcomes three new members

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Photos by Otto So

Andy Baker (left) and Frank Mancini are the latest members to join the Manitoba Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Since 2006, three new members are inducted into the Manitoba Motorsports Hall of Fame every year when Piston Ring’s World of Wheels car show hits town.

Inductees are recognized for their outstanding devotion and contributions to motorsports in Manitoba and come from the ranks of drag racing, oval track racing, motorcycling, fabrication, customizing, the automotive industry and the street rod and hot rod communities.

Special recognition should be given to Don Daley; his dedication to Manitoba’s rich motorsports history is a big reason why the Hall of Fame has been such a tremendous success.

Here are this year’s inductees:

Kim Houde

Kim Houde’s interest in …

Experience heaven on wheels

43rd annual World of Wheels car show comes to RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre

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There will be more than 225 classic and special interest vehicles on display at Piston Ring's 43rd annual World of Wheels car show, taking place this weekend at the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre.

If you’re a fan of all things automotive, the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre is the place to be this weekend for Piston Ring’s 43rd annual World of Wheels car show.

According to Shelley Ostrove — a longtime local publicist for a wide variety of Winnipeg shows including the World of Wheels — show attendees can expect a terrific lineup with more than 225 vehicles on display.

<p>Supplied</p><p>WWE Superstar The Big Show will be one of the celebrities appearing at the World of Wheels event on tonight from 6 p.m. …</p>			<ul class=
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  • Winning innovations improve performance

    Styling attracts us to vehicles, but it is the technology they possess that keeps us comfortable, safe and happy. Each year, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada members choose the top new technologies in two categories: safety and innovation. This year, the top three finalists in each category were selected and the winners recently announced at the Montreal International Auto Show.

    Here are the finalists:

    Best New Technology — Innovation

    • Ford Pro-Trailer Assist

    Whether you are a novice or a pro at towing trailers, Ford’s Pro-trailer assist on the F150 pickup makes backing up your trailer easier than ever. Using camera-based technology, the …

    Leader of the pack

    Team Foui lifts Winnipeg Honda to the top

    For the second year in a row, Winnipeg Honda was Manitoba’s top-selling new car dealer and, for the first time, the Winnipeg store set the pace for Western Canadian Honda dealers.

    The secret to Winnipeg Honda success? All-world sales rep Dylan Foui and his support team, which set a new sales record of their own last year.


    In 2016, Winnipeg Honda recorded 1,369 new car sales. Team Foui (which consists of Foui, team manager Jeremy Sturbey, Dustin Davie, James Le, Lucky Sharma and, the most recent addition, Melissa Foui, who handles the financing) accounted for 950 cars sold by the dealership as …

    Mazda finally joins the luxury crowd

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    Mazda's CX-9 may not officially have luxury status, but with its posh interior, crisp handling and sexy styling you would never know it.

    Honda has Acura, Nissan has Infiniti and Toyota has Lexus. These spinoff brands have elevated Japanese automobiles to equal, and in many cases higher, status than even the finest offerings from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Cadillac.

    Posh interiors, smooth powertrains and curb appeal out the wazoo are hallmarks of these luxury Japanese cruisers.

    Mazda, meanwhile, continues to chug along as the only Japanese automaker without a luxury brand.

    If you ask me, all that changed with the release of the 2016 Mazda CX-9. Our tester, decked out in Signature trim, quickly had me checking off all the boxes required to achieve …

    TestFest to reveal the best

    Canadian Car of the Year competition getting ready to fire on all cylinders


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    "The awards offer consumers a uniquely Canadian view into how well a vehicle is suited for life in this country," said AJAC TestFest co-chair Gary Grant, who calls Whitby, Ontario home.

    It’s that time of year again, folks: time for the Canadian Car of the Year (CCOTY) awards program.

    Held in Bowmanville, Ont., at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the five-day event, known in the automotive industry as TestFest, has been running full-throttle since Monday and brings Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) members from across the country together to evaluate and grade 2017 models that are either all new or significantly redesigned for the model year.

    Free Press Autos writers and TestFest veterans Kelly Taylor and Haney Louka arrived in Ontario on Monday and have been testing vehicles all week.

    While testing new vehicles …

    Second chance

    After an accident left his rebuilt 1955 GMC truck as a write-off, Jean-Marc Lacasse went back to the drawing board

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    Photos by Larry D'Argis / Winnipeg Free Press

    For 1955, GMC and Chevrolet had planned to introduce an entirely new truck. Confronted with delays and problems, there was no way to get all of the product revisions completed in time for the fall introduction of 1954. A decision was made to postpone the release of the all-new trucks until the spring of 1955. The 1st series offered the familiar 1954 styling, but with advance-design styling, finish and engineering. By mid-year, the dramatic new styling of the 2nd series was available. It featured a dual bar grille and hooded headlamps, accompanied by a hefty bumper with circular guards that …

    It's time to put old prejudices to rest

    Manitobans should be careful not to paint all American hunters with the same brush

    With the World Cup of Hockey set to begin, we Canadians are about to undertake one of our favourite pastimes — hating on Americans.

    That’s all in good fun when it comes to hockey rivalries, but it’s a more serious issue when it comes to welcoming American visitors to our country, which can be an especially prickly subject come hunting season.

    Hunters and anglers from south of the border have been coming to Manitoba for nearly as long as Manitoba has been around. Our close proximity to the U.S., combined with our pristine wilderness and healthy game populations, have long attracted outdoors …

    The Toyota that isn't really a Toyota

    The Yaris Sedan has the parts -- and the feel -- of a Mazda

    One of the most common automotive journalist complaints is that carmakers, eager to impress, offer out models loaded to the nines. Lost in the leather, dual-zone climate control, heads-up display and satellite radio is a sense of what the car really will be like for the average buyer.

    That wasn’t an issue with the Toyota Yaris Sedan I’m driving, which was as standard as they come, save for the automatic transmission. I was given a refreshing look at the basic model, warts and all.

    First, a refresher on this Toyota that isn’t really a Toyota: The story begins after the 2011 Tohoku …

    Rag doll

    Mustang convertible a reliable, stylish summer cruiser

    When Ford introduced the Mustang in New York at the World’s Fair in April 1964 as a 1965 model, it had more than just a hunch the car would be a marketing success.

    The failure of the Edsel led Ford to be more reactionary in its vehicle introductions and with the influx of new youth buyers, it needed a game changer.

    Mustang had to meet the market in a hurry and based on the successful Ford Falcon, it’s uni-body chassis and economical components helped bring the car in at a reasonable cost. The long hood and short rear deck styling often associated …