Putting on a show

by Larry D'Argis . Sep 02 2016

Looking over the 2016 Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs (MAAC) event guide, it’s easy to see show and shine events are generally held on Saturday and Sunday — offering car enthusiasts an entire weekend to get a car fix.

While at times it can look crowded — especially when rain dates come into play — with our short summer, having shows on both days makes sense.

The established shows are always well-attended and most are located in or around the city.

Many of the rural shows are within a one- or two-hour drive and allow car owners to stretch their legs. It never hurts to log some highway miles on your rides and it also allows clubs to plan breakfast runs and travel together.

Being able to choose Saturday or Sunday shows allows for the obvious growth of events and helps the car hobby flourish.

Summer Sundays can often become hectic with church, family gatherings and sporting events, so catching a Saturday show may be a better fit. Clubs and venues are able to expand charitable fundraising, as well.

Most shows have a charity represented at them and there has always been a positive thrust toward helping these entities move forward in their work with fundraising efforts.

An added spin off is as the hobby grows, the need for businesses and services increase to meet the needs of the hobby. Paint and body shops, parts suppliers, general maintenance shops, detailing businesses and more can all benefit from growth in the hobby.

When we look at growth of the car hobby, it isn’t something we are waiting for — it’s already here and it continues to grow each year.

MAAC adds car clubs, associations and events to its guide each year and most clubs have at least one annual show. Can there be too many? No.

Today, having several choices in vehicle activities is like having a choice of stores to shop at or restaurants to dine at.

It’s all a matter of choice and what suits you and your family best.

What about shows that don’t make it? From what I’ve seen in the hobby, most do make it and that’s the justification for adding even more.

One example was the inaugural Falcon Lake Show and Shine, held Aug. 20. The show was put together in only a few weeks by volunteers and sponsors and was not published in the MAAC events book because it was planned after the print deadline.

“We just wanted to put together a show that brought people out to enjoy the lake and raise some money for St. Amant Foundation,” show organizer michael McCarron said.

McCarron, with his wife, Kassy, and Manny Damata, along with many local sponsors, put on a great show at the lake for enthusiasts.

The key to the show was diversity. Not only did you have the opportunity to spend time at the beach, enjoy local restaurants and see a great selection of vehicles — including a new Corvette from Vickar Community Chevrolet — but there was an opportunity to take in a real lemonade stand.

Built by Damata, it was manned throughout the day by his wife, Kristyn, and daughter Emmersyn.

The added bonus came from opening up the event to not just cars and trucks, but also motorcycles, boats, big rigs and an exhibition featuring towing and extraction vehicles.

Falcon Beach Auto took part, having its towing rigs on hand for people to get an up-close look at equipment not normally seen by the general public. Judging by the reaction of the crowd, it was a treat to see the trucks and learn of their capabilities, without actually being on the end of one.

As a demonstration, the truck rescue boom had a Hummer H2 hanging in mid-air for most of the afternoon.

Also on hand were a couple of big rig tractors and trailers. The bright blue Mack tractor and trailer from Grizzly Transport was as clean as any show car and was a great representation of what trucking is today.

A major promoter of the show — Dave MacKenzie, publisher and editor of Canadian Trucking Magazine — teamed up with Manitoba Crime Stoppers for a display and brought out a special guest.

Steph “Hammer Down” Custance, star of the new season of Ice Road Truckers, helped promote the show, took photos and signed autographs for fans.

With the vehicles, 50/50 draw and silent auction, the show managed to raise $2,500 for the St. Amant Foundation. For a one-day show, with short notice and little more than social media promotion, it’s an effort you can’t ignore and one that proves there’s room for more great shows in the car community and wonderful opportunities for us to continue to aid local charities.


Steph "Hammer Down" Custance from Ice Road Truckers.

Steph "Hammer Down" Custance from Ice Road Truckers.