Lexus recognized as an industry leader in auto safety

by Jim KerrAuto Tech . May 25 2018
LexusThe Lexus Safety System+ A was introduced in the 2018 Lexus LS.


The Lexus Safety System+ A was introduced in the 2018 Lexus LS.

The Lexus Safety System+ A is the safety category winner of AJAC’s (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) annual Innovation Awards, joining Cadillac as a winner in the innovation category with its Super Cruise technology and Toyota in the green category with its gas injection heat pump system.

The Lexus Safety System+ A was introduced on the 2018 Lexus LS and this advanced (A is for advanced) package incorporates new technology in the form of a new millimetre-wave radar sensor, a stereo camera system, a new yaw rate sensor and steering sensor to add even more safety features to the vehicle.

Over 98 per cent of Lexus vehicles sold in Canada are equipped with the Safety System+ and the advanced A system builds on the four safety features of the + system.

The first feature of the + system is lane departure alert. When the driver starts to wander over the lane markings, the system will warn the driver with vibrations in the steering wheel, an audible alert and a flashing lane marking symbol on the instrument cluster information centre.

The second feature is automatic high-beam headlamp control. Approach another vehicle and the headlights automatically dip to low beam. Pass beyond that vehicle and the high beams come on again to provide maximum nighttime illumination as much of the time as possible.

The third feature is dynamic radar cruise control. Set the cruise speed and your Lexus will automatically keep a set distance behind the vehicle in front, even as it slows or stops.

The fourth feature is the pre-collision system. Using the radar system, the computer detects vehicles or objects in the driving path and issues a warning to the driver of a possible collision. If the driver takes no action, the system will automatically apply the brakes to reduce the impact force.

With the advanced system, the camera is now a wide-range stereo camera instead of the monocular camera used in the + system. The system is called CoDrive and incorporates lane-trace assist, which can recognize not only lane markings but also road boundaries such as dirt or grass. Using the camera and a new millimetre-wave radar specific to the system, it provides steering support to help keep the vehicle centred in the lane combined with dynamic radar cruise control. Signal for a lane change to pass another vehicle and your Lexus will automatically accelerate to the set speed or until another vehicle is detected.

Using front lateral radar sensors, the Safety System+ A monitors for front cross traffic.

The system can detect a vehicle or even a bicycle up to 50 metres ahead and will give an audible alert and warning on the heads-up display (HUD) so the driver can react to the situation.

Pedestrian detection is also incorporated into the advanced system. Pedestrian detection starts working at speeds over 40 km/h and uses the camera and radar systems that can monitor multiple pedestrians.

The system can recognize which way pedestrians are moving, and if there is potential danger, the system will warn the driver in the HUD.

It also automatically brakes the vehicle and steers away from the pedestrian or a continuous structure such as a guard rail to the point it will even steer into the oncoming lane if necessary, but only if the sensors detect that the lane is clear.

Using a combination of technologies, the Lexus Safety System+ A provides advanced driver awareness of surroundings while automatically assisting the driver in situations where a driver’s attention may not be perfect. It also makes the vehicle more relaxing to drive and is a worthy winner of AJAC’s Innovation Award for Safety.