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Wrangler getting new model in mid-year

by William Clavey . Sep 28 2018
Jeep has added the Moab to its Wrangler lineup for the 2018 model year. (FCA)

Jeep has added the Moab to its Wrangler lineup for the 2018 model year. (FCA)

The all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler, the one Jeep fans call the JL, hasn’t even been with us for a full year, yet here we are with its first special-edition model, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Moab.

The last-generation Wrangler, the JK, had been offered in a wide variety of special editions during its long lifespan, and these models all sold rather well. So why not give it another try with this one?

The Moab name may give off the impression this Jeep was conceived to take on the harshest conditions on the planet, but it’s actually less extreme than a Rubicon, currently the most off-road-ready version of the nameplate. The Moab only comes as a four-door, and it isn’t equipped with a rear locking differential, preventing it from climbing big, steep rocks.

See it as a better-equipped Sahara, a Jeep aimed at being comfortable and “plush,” but that still incorporates some adventure-ready accessories, such as a two-speed transfer case, 32-inch off-road tires wrapped around 17-inch Rubicon wheels, steel bumpers, Moab stickers glued onto a Rubicon-inspired hood and blacked-out headlight and grille accents.

This all-new 2018 Moab edition sits between a Sahara and a Rubicon within the Wrangler lineup, and should hit showrooms sometime this fall.

As we’re writing this, no official Canadian pricing has been announced, but we expect the Moab to sell somewhere around $47,000.