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Dealerships find fast service results in happy customers

by Myron Love  . Dec 29 2017
SuppliedCustomers are loving Vickar Community Chevrolet’s Express Service, according to service manager Derek Ellis.


Customers are loving Vickar Community Chevrolet’s Express Service, according to service manager Derek Ellis.

The recently completed renovations and expansions at both River City Ford and Vickar Community Chevrolet promise good news for customers looking for quick service for their vehicles.

“Customers are loving our new Express Service, Vickar Community Chevrolet service manager Derek Ellis reports. “People coming in for oil changes and other service needs are leaving with smiles on their faces,” he says.

The new express service drive-thru, which opened for business Dec. 13 — is one of the highlights of the upgrade that Manitoba’s leading General Motors dealer has been undergoing over the past few months. The major addition was a second 3,500-square-foot drive-thru on the west side of the building — alongside the original drive-through service check-in area. The additional drive-thru also includes a payment desk. The new drive-thru consists of four bays each with state-of-the-art lifts.

“Our technicians are all factory-trained for the program,” Ellis says. “And we can do oil changes plus our 34-point inspections in as little as 30 minutes. We also include car washes with the service.”

Over the spring and summer, River City Ford at 3737 Portage Ave. converted its former body shop on the west side of the building into what Garrett Pettigrew describes as the largest Quick Lane Auto Centre in Canada.

Pettigrew, the Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre manager, notes the facility has 11 bays — nine of them with hoists and with the capacity to service up to 80 vehicles a day.

“Our state-of-the-art equipment includes two alignment racks and a hoist capable of lifting up to 30,000 pounds to handle heavy-duty vehicles,” he adds. He also points out overhead hoses, which deliver oil or washer fluid to vehicles undergoing service. The hoses also have built-in gauges to measure the amount of liquid being delivered to each vehicle.

“It makes it easier on our technicians,” he says.

“Our goal is to be able to complete oil changes and full inspection by our factory-trained technicians within 30 minutes.”

He further points out that Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre is not restricted to Ford products. “We are capable of providing service to all vehicle makes and models,” he says. “We have an open-shop policy. Customers can watch the work being done through the glass windows behind our service desk and can go into the service area at any time to check on the progress of their vehicles.”

Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre held an official re-opening on Oct. 28. “We dressed up five F-150 trucks to show off what we could do,” Pettigrew reports. “Customers really like the atmosphere here,” he says. “And they appreciate the quick turnaround.”

TradeRev fast, fair and easy

TradeRev, a dealer-to-dealer digital mobile auction application, announced its latest release and the most advanced version of its technology platform.

“TradeRev has a simple goal — to make buying and selling cars as fast, fair and easy as possible for dealers,” Becca Polak, president of TradeRev and chief legal officer for KAR Auction Services, Inc., said in a news release. “TradeRev 4.0 supercharges our app with analytics and machine learning and continues to leverage the power of the KAR platform. We’ve simplified the entire in-app auction experience from scheduling, searching and bidding all the way through post-sale services.”

The new TradeRev 4.0 features are available to dealers today, and include the following enhancements:

• Sellers using the TradeRev Pro subscription service can now Schedule Events for future sales of five or more vehicles up to seven days in advance. TradeRev 4.0 then promotes these events on the app’s event calendar, so prospective buyers can preview, research and prepare for upcoming sales.

• TradeRev’s learning software analyzes buying and selling patterns and industry trends to generate personalized dealer vehicle recommendations that make browsing for inventory faster and smarter.

• Bid Assist makes digital auctions more efficient by utilizing complex data analytics and machine learning models to detect and eliminate unrealistic bids.

• Through Mobile Checkout, dealers can complete the entire auction transaction on their mobile device, including payment, financing and optional inspection services. This functionality is supplemented with TradeRev’s comprehensive post-sale services, including title management, a fast-tracked arbitration process and live dealer support six days a week.

• Previously available only on the TradeRev desktop edition, the mobile app now also displays real-time AFC credit line availability for dealers financing vehicles through KAR’s AFC floor-plan financing unit.