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Isuzu delivers the goods

by Myron Love  . Oct 13 2017
IsuzuThe new Isuzu FTR model is the manufacturer’s first entry in the Class 6 medium-duty truck segment.


The new Isuzu FTR model is the manufacturer’s first entry in the Class 6 medium-duty truck segment.

The all-new Isuzu NPR model, which made its debut at Vickar Trucks (Manitoba’s exclusive Isuzu dealer) in early September, is perfect for city driving, according to Reg Harder, commercial and fleet consultant for the truck store at 2315 Dugald Rd.

“The NPR has a lot more load capacity per length of vehicle, the sharpest turning radius in its class — and the fuel consumption is phenomenal,” Harder says. “One customer reported that his fuel consumption is down 40 per cent from what he was getting in his previous vehicle.”

The model, Harder notes, is available as a lightweight delivery truck or a cube van. The base is powered by a three-litre 4JJI-TC turbocharged intercooled diesel engine that produces 150 horsepower and 282 pound-feet of torque. The HD and XD trims have 5.2-litre 4HKI-TC turbocharged intercooled diesel engines that produce 215 hp and 452 lb-ft. of torque.

The base diesel model has a payload of up to 7,500 lbs. (Harder notes that Isuzu is a world leader in diesel engine production.)

Harder adds that all Isuzu metal body panels are corrosion-resistant and that 80 per cent of all Isuzu models sold since 1984 (over 400,000) are still registered.

“With our new NPR models, we are really focusing on delivery people such as courier drivers,” he says.

Also new for Isuzu is its 2018 Isuzu FTR model – the manufacturer’s first entry in the Class 6 medium-duty truck segment. Harder notes that the new model is a bigger truck with a bigger payload.

“You can put a 24-foot box on it,” he says. “The payload tops out at 16,000 pounds. It’s ideal for city delivery trucks with heavy loads. As well, fuel consumption is very low.”

The gas model is powered by a turbocharged 5.2-L 4HK1-TC engine that generates 215 hp and 520 lbs.-ft. of torque. The engine carries a B-10 durability rating of 600,000 kilometres.

Interior amenities include a side under safety mirror, overhead console and a suspension driver’s seat with armrest specially designed to increase comfort and reduce driver fatigue.

Harder reports that warranties for all Isuzu models include a three-year unlimited mileage powertrain limited warranty, a four-year unlimited mileage perforation from corrosion limited warranty and a vehicle health report at every scheduled maintenance cycle.


New VP at Vickar

Vickar Nissan and Vickar Mitsubishi have a new vice-president: Tim Penner. The 20-year Nissan Canada executive assumed his new role in mid-August.

“I used to be in retail car sales a long time ago,” he says. “I am enjoying working directly with customers again. And I really like working with the Vickar Auto Group.”

Penner also spoke about the new Nissan Leaf, which he had the opportunity to become acquainted with at a dealer meeting in Las Vegas in early September.

“The new Leaf is going to give Tesla a run for its money,” he says. “With ProPilot, it becomes the first electric vehicle with semi-autonomous driving.

Among electric vehicles, it offers the best value. It is an electric vehicle that everyone can afford.”

Although the official arrival date for the new Leaf still has to be confirmed, Penner notes one Vickar Nissan customer has already pre-ordered a 2018 Leaf.


Focus Hyundai gets a new sales manager

Jason McLean is the new general sales manager at Focus Hyundai on Nairn Avenue. McLean has been in auto sales for four years. Formerly a sales manager at a Chrysler store, he joined Focus Hyundai in April.

“It was an opportunity to move up in the industry,” McLean says. “Focus Hyundai is a great dealership and Hyundai is a dynamic and growing brand.”


Dealer of the week

Sales Rep: Marlon Manguiat

Dealership: Birchwood Nissan

No. of Years: 18 months

Favourite Model: The Murano

Why: "I like the design, the ride, the features," Manguiat says of the Murano. "I like everything about the Murano."