Community, charity at heart of Collector Car Appreciation Day

BY Larry D'Argis. Jul 14 04:00 am

For casual observers, the Collector Car Appreciation Day being held this evening at Memorial Park may appear to be just another car show. The reality, however, is this event showcases a broad cross-section of vehicles not only representing the hobby, but also serving to raise awareness of the deep impact collector vehicles have on the community and commerce in Manitoba.

Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs chairman Robert Elms sums it up perfectly: “Obviously, creating or joining an auto club is an excellent way to get to know and hang out with people who share our interest, but, it’s a whole lot more than that. Club members become our best friends, revelling in our accomplishments, helping us steer around life’s potholes and comforting us when we have our inevitable breakdowns. That caring spirit truly exemplifies Manitoba’s auto clubs.”

Along with the millions of dollars in economic impact the hobby generates, local auto clubs also support local charities. Each year, club members from across the province raise considerable dollars and donate countless volunteer hours in support of many important charities.

It’s this spirit of giving back to communities that drives many clubs to form shows and displays with a charitable component.

Today marks the seventh annual Collector Car Appreciation Day. Please join us this evening at Memorial Park — in front of the Manitoba Legislative Building from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. — to share in the heritage and culture this fantastic hobby has to offer!